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Book "In The Wind" by Maureen Clarke ...temporarily out of stock
  • Book "In The Wind" by Maureen Clarke ...temporarily out of stock
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IN THE WIND is a compelling true story of one woman's amazing spiritual quest. Disillusioned with modern society, her desire for truth is so strong, that at age nineteen, she leaves family and friends behind to search for a new home, hidden in a valley, deep in the Andes Mountains of Peru.

Yet this treacherous trek is only the beginning of the writer's long journey into truth and deception. She is lured into a nomadic , pseudo-religious cult and roams across the United States and Canada, barefoot, and dressed in a long white robe. With no home, money or possessions, she trusts that God will take care of her needs as she ventures into the wind.

IN THE WIND Is full of gripping adventure, tender feelings, and hard-won spiritual wisdom.

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